Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland – latest data

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Last updated 01 July 2020
Note – this post should ideally be opened in Google Chrome to make best use of the interactive charts. During the summer recess, which is scheduled to run from 27 June to 9 August 2020, updates will be less frequent.

This post looks at the latest data from the Scottish Government on Coronavirus (COVID-19).  It covers data on the number of positive tests for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and on deaths.  It will be updated on a regular basis and we will continue to review the data and look at whether additional analysis would be useful. Unless otherwise stated all data is drawn from daily Scottish Government news releases.

Data on testing

Testing capacity in Scotland has been increased so that now anyone aged 5 or over, who is self-isolating because they are showing symptoms can be tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Priority for testing appointments is given to key workers and their households.
Additional testing is also taking place of staff and residents in care homes, where there have been cases of Coronavirus (COVID 19), and of all patients over 70 who are admitted to hospital. However, it is likely that some cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) will continue to go untested.

The following charts look at the number of people newly tested for COVID-19 across Scotland to date, with a breakdown of negative and positive results, where the test has been processed through NHS Scotland labs.

Please note:

  • From 15 June, the number of people tested includes confirmed cases at UK Government Regional Testing Centres (RTCs).

Number of people tested and positive results in Scotland

Number of new people who have tested positive per day

The seven day averages used in this blog are averages of the seven days up to and including the latest available data.

Number of new people tested per day.
There is no data available for 15 June due to the update in the way the data is recorded.

Proportion of positive and negative tests
The following two charts look at the total number of COVID-19 tests processed through NHS Scotland labs and by Regional Testing Centres (RTC) in Scotland as part of the expanded UK Government testing programme.
Total number of COVID-19 Tests carried out in Scotland
Daily number of COVID-19 Tests carried out in Scotland

Data on tests by NHS Health Board

A breakdown which includes confirmed cases at UK Government Regional Testing Centres by Health Board became available on the 18 June.

Number of positive tests by NHS Health Boards

Data on deaths

These charts show the number of people who have died with Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Scottish deaths data has been revised to include all registered deaths where Coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned on the death certificate. The figures had previously only covered deaths where infection with the virus had been confirmed by a laboratory.

From 8 April, the figures include registered deaths where infection was confirmed by a laboratory, as well as those where infection has been presumed from a clinical diagnosis i.e. by an assessment of the person’s signs and symptoms. This allows for the inclusion of deaths in the community. More information on how the death statistics are recorded can be found in Coronavirus (COVID-19): How are deaths counted?

The graph below provides a comparison of the laboratory confirmed deaths from Health Protection Scotland with data from National Records of Scotland (NRS) where Coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned on the death certificate. As a result, the number of deaths involving Coronavirus (COVID-19) is higher than previous estimates.

Latest data from Health Protection Scotland (HPS)

The NRS data lags behind the HPS data due to the length of time it can take for deaths to be formally registered.

Total number of people in Scotland who have died with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Daily number of people in Scotland who have died with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest data from National Record of Scotland (NRS)

Latest update: 01 July

The new data is also broken down by age and sex, as well as by health board area. The data comes from the National Records of Scotland publication Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland. The health board data has been used to calculate the death rate per 10,000 in each area.

Number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) registered deaths by age and sex

Number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) registered deaths by NHS Health Boards


Number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) registered deaths for every 10,000 people by NHS Health Boards

Number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) registered deaths by location

Weekly data on Coronavirus (COVID-19) registered deaths by location

Number for deaths compared to five year average by week

Other institutions include clinics, medical centres, prisons and schools. There have currently been seven deaths recorded in other institutions.

Deaths at a local level

The National Records of Scotland have published data on deaths at a local level. We have produced an interactive map which allows you to explore this data.

Deaths by ethnicity

When a death is registered in Scotland, information about the ethnicity of the deceased person is collected, on a voluntary basis. This means that an accurate figure for COVID-19 deaths broken down by ethnic group categories cannot be produced from the registration data.

The following table shows deaths by ethnicity based upon voluntary reporting. As we can see, ethnicity is not known for 9% of registered deaths. This means that the true proportion of COVID-19 deaths who are BAME could be anywhere between 1% and 10%.

Deaths involving COVID-19 registered between weeks 1 and 17 (year to 26 April) 2020, by the ethnicity of the deceased, Scotland

All deaths involving COVID-19



Ethnicity not provided when the death was registered






Mixed or multiple ethnic groups









Caribbean or Black



Other ethnic group



Source: NRS

Data on Hospital Admissions

The following graphs show a timeline for the number of patients admitted to hospital with confirmed or suspected Coronavirus (COVID-19), including those in Intensive Care Units (ICU). The Scottish Government has identified 3,000 inpatient beds to care for Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients and it is aiming for a total of 700+ ICU beds. There will also be the potential for an additional 1,000 beds at the Louisa Jordan Hospital in Glasgow.

Number of people in hospital with confirmed or suspected Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) inpatients compared to target inpatient bed capacity

Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients in ICU compared to target ICU capacity

NHS staff Coronavirus (COVID-19) related absences

The follows graphs look at Coronavirus (COVID-19) related absences of NHS staff. They look at both the numbers and the proportion of the absences for each staff group.

Number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) related absences of NHS staff

Proportion of NHS staff by staff group with Coronavirus (COVID-19) related absences (%)

Andrew Aiton, Data Visualisation Manager