What do the latest HMRC Regional Trade Statistics tell us about Scotland’s exports? (2017/18)

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HMRC publish statistics on the exports of goods for each nation and region of the UK in their Regional Trade Statistics publication. This infographic looks at the latest statistics for Scotland.

HMRC Trade Q1 2018

The figures come from HMRC Regional Trade Statistics. HMRC note that:

  • While the data published have been checked as far as practicable, they should be regarded as approximate and not necessarily accurate to the last whole number They are fit to be used for purposes such as trend analysis and for comparing the relative magnitude of components.
  • A business’ trade is allocated to a region based on the proportion of its employees employed in that region. Where a business is not matched with the IDBR, its trade is matched with Office for National Statistics postcode data to obtain the region in which the Head Office of the VAT registered business (importer or exporter) is based.

Tom McEachan, Digital & Creative Apprentice and Andrew Aiton, Data Manager, Financial Scrutiny Unit.