Intergovernmental activity update: Quarter 3 2023

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SPICe has published the first of its quarterly intergovernmental activity updates, which covers quarter 3 (July to September) of 2023.

‘Intergovernmental activity’ refers to work between governments – in a Scottish context between the Scottish Government and the UK Government or other devolved governments. It can include discussions on areas of mutual interest, policy development, and policy implementation. Read a previous SPICe blog that sets out why awareness of intergovernmental activity is an essential element of parliamentary scrutiny after EU exit and visit our intergovernmental activity hub to find out more about intergovernmental work happening in different policy areas.

SPICe’s quarterly intergovernmental activity updates collate information on intergovernmental meetings, common frameworks, exclusions to the market access principles of the UK Internal Market Act 2020, and legislative consent at the Scottish Parliament.

Our highlights infographic gives an overview of activity that has taken place over quarter 3 of 2023.

Read the full quarter 3 intergovernmental activity update to find individual infographics and more information about intergovernmental activity that took place in different policy areas during the previous quarter.

Annie Bosse, SPICe Research