SPICe FAQ – Funding for Community Sport

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A common question received by SPICe is where community sports clubs can go to find funding for equipment, premises and other costs which are necessary for their activities. While the needs of each club will be different, there are a number of places that may be able to provide financial support for this type of community activity.


As the national agency for sport in Scotland, SportScotland has a number of different funds available to sports groups. These include investment in sports facilities, money to support training for coaches, and specific funding for groups working with young people. They also provide a list of alternative funders who are known to support sporting projects in Scotland and which may be of help to local teams. This information is open to all community groups and information on eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found on their website.

Other funders

If a sports group is looking for funding for a specific cause, there are a number of other avenues open to them.

  • The National Lottery has a number of relevant funds that can be searched for via their website.
  • Funding Scotland is a free online search engine that many community groups, not just sports clubs, may find helpful in identifying financial support.
  • For clubs working with young people, YouthLink Scotland have a free funding directory that includes information relevant to community sports.
  • Supermarket chain ALDI support a Scottish Sports Fund that can provide up to £500 for community sports clubs.
  • Company McDonalds have a scheme specifically for football teams.
  • An organisation called Cash4Clubs has grant funding available through the charity SportsAid for a wide range of sports.
  • Each local authority should be able to direct community groups to locally available grants and funding.
  • Fundraising activities are sometimes the best source financial help, and there are numerous website full of ideas that may be of benefit to individual clubs in their fundraising activities.


Funding for individuals to train and compete in their chosen sport is a separate avenue of funding and more complex. The support available will differ between sports, and will also depend on the level of the individual competing. SportScotland have a helpful introduction to funding in this area.

There are a couple of funds available for individuals including:

Individuals may find it of most help to speak to the governing body of their chosen sport, who would be best placed to advise them of what is available in their specific circumstances.

Laura Gilman, Enquiries Officer