How Scotland voted: UK General Election 2019

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The UK General Election 2019 saw the electoral map of Scotland redrawn to become more yellow, with the SNP winning 13 additional seats, as shown below.

The areas of blue (Conservative) and red (Labour) reduced on the map as a result of them losing seven and six seats respectively.

The Liberal Democrats maintained their four seats in Scotland, with the loss of Dunbartonshire East compensated by the gain of North East Fife.

2019_SPICe_Blog_UK election_Map_01

Looking back to the 2015 election result, the SNP are eight seats below that historic high of 56.  Compared to 2015, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have increased their seats, but the Labour Party has maintained its one seat in Edinburgh South.

2019_SPICe_Blog_UK election_Seats

The Election  saw the SNP increase their vote share in Scotland from just under 37% in 2017 to 45%.

2019_SPICe_Blog_UK election_Share of vote

In terms of the other parties, the Conservatives’ vote share declined by 3.5 percentage points to 25%, and the Labour Party’s vote share declined by 8.5 points to just under 19%.  However, the Liberal Democrats recorded an increase in their vote share of just under 3 points to just under 10%.

2019_SPICe_Blog_UK election_TurnoutThe turnout in Scotland was just higher than for the UK, at 68.1% compared to 67.3%, having increased from 66.4% in 2017. However, it was not as high as the figure of 71.1% recorded in 2015.

What did the share of the vote look like by constituency?

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The following figure shows the share of the vote broken down by constituency in Scotland.2019_SPICe_Blog_UK election_Constituency

How many seats changed hands?

Fifteen seats changed hands in Scotland:

  • The SNP won 14 and lost 1 to the Liberal Democrats.
  • The Conservatives lost 7, all to the SNP.
  • Labour lost 6, all to the SNP.
  • The Liberal Democrats won 1 from the SNP and lost 1 to the SNP.

The following figure shows how the vote share of the four main parties changed from 2017 in the 15 seats that changed hands.

2019_SPICe_Blog_UK election_Seats changed hands

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Andrew Aiton, Data Visualisation Manager and Iain McIver, SPICe Research