The National Care Service (Scotland) Bill – hub for SPICe material 

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This blogpost provides a central hub for all SPICe work on the National Care Service (NCS) and some links to other relevant SPICe material to assist Members and others. 

The National Care Service was a recommendation of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care (Feeley Review) which reported in February 2021. The recommendation was to reform social care in Scotland and create national accountability for social care support. The Scottish Government launched a consultation on the NCS in August 2021, and published an analysis of responses in February 2022. The 2021-22 Programme for Government laid out plans to introduce legislation to set up the NCS by June 2022.  

The National Care Service (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 20 June 2022. The Bill is currently at Stage 1, and is being considered by a range of parliamentary committees, with the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee acting as the lead committee at Stage 1.

The Scottish Government has also published a range of associated papers including evidence papers and impact assessments.

This hub will be updated with further information as the Bill moves through its parliamentary stages. 

SPICe blogs and briefings on the National Care Service 

Our detailed briefing on the NCS Bill can be found via this link. And our summary of written evidence for the lead Committee can be found on the Committee’s webpage.

Other blog articles related to the NCS are listed below:

Other SPICe material 

We have also recently published a number of other blogs and briefings on social care in Scotland.  



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